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So, shit sucks; life goes on. :D

How is everyone? Does anyone ever actually see this? I can't seem to even get logged in at LJ, anymore, so I'm giving up the ghost. (Well, except for my xposting obsession.)

As of now, you can find me, here, tumblr ==> myrafur, or on twitter ==> KneazleKnickers.

Oh, and Facebook, if you know my last name.

Anything good with you? What'd you ask Santa for?

Date: 12/28/11 10:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HEY! It's namfle from LJ. I followed you here briefly to let you know that you should add me on Tweeter. Tweeeeeeeter. I'm 'elfman'. Pure and simple.


I've missed your cheerfulness over there. AND, I'm working to seel that story I wrote for your daughter. Wish me luck!


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